Courtesy Road

Not afraid of "the C word"!


Bad Kitty!

I love it when it's 5.45 AM and Peanut is sleeping next to my head and he gets spooked and bolts across my face, gouging my eye with his claws. I though the little bastard sank one right through my eyeball. Luckily (for me or for him?) he caught me in the lower eye lid. It still hurts like a bitch and is bleeding. I could smell the dirty little shit had just been in the litter box. I could kill him (if he weren't so goddamn cute).

This is the third time this has happened. The first time he sprang from my chest and I looked like a stabbing victim. I'm still pissed.

Somebody got their little claws clipped this morning. That very same someone is going to take a bath today and may very well lose his bed privileges.


pointless pic posting

My profile pic & audio clip...

The picture was painted by my Seattle roommate Jennifer Graves around '96. She used to go by the name Bob. I bet she still does. We used to work at Starbucks. The painting is called Haircut Boy and it's watercolor on construction paper. Someday I'll scan and upload a hi-res version of the whole thing. It's really very good.

The story: I remember coming home after work one afternoon with a cute fresh new haircut. We had a bunch of friends over that night and we proceeded to get trashed and play games and engage in various other activity that drunks amuse themselves with. At some point Bob took out her watercolor set and started painting a portrait of me.

I rather like it. She gave it to me and I still have it to this day.

The audio clip is me playing my Frankentele (Fender American Telecaster with a sweet, fat custom Scott Lentz neck with a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard) through my Leslie 45. I love vintage gear and those great old sounds I heard in the music I listened to as a kid.

The story
: I found a Leslie (on a whim) on the 'net and decided I could not die happy without owning it. Of course I justify this by saying some day I'm going to use all this gear on my recordings. Turns out the cab is just down the road in Colorado Springs. I get my friend Lance to borrow his parent's Yukon (or some such similar obscene SUV) and we drive the less than 2 hours to Christian Fantasyland to pick the box up. We get back and and the thing sits in my living room for almost a year and a half before I procure a Leslie Combo Preamp on eBay so I can actually plug a guitar into it. I'm glad I finally found one because it's one of the best sounding guitar amps I have, even without the speakers rotating. I hope it doesn't take me another 18 months to get the speed control kit for it!


My buddy Peanut

I love my buddy Peanut Head very much. He is so soft and he likes to sleep with Daddy. He is very sweet but very wild also. He is a cute kitty but he is not a kitty anymore because he is big now. Here is a picture of my best buddy Peanut Head. I call him Peanut for short. Sometimes I call him Little Peener or just plain-ol' Peener. Or sometimes I call him Little Penut Head and sometimes I call him Little Buddy. He gets called that one a lot.